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Save the click monkeys!

Clicking is happening all over the world, it does not need to be that way.

The spocklets (bookmarklets) are written on our spare time, because we like coding and saving click monkeys.
They are free to use for anyone that wishes to.
Consider the bookmarklets pintware, if you like them you can donate for a pint of beer.

A few extra bucks here and there will help cover server costs, coffee, pints and Tribble Shooters.
Donating is a great way to show your appreciation and support.

/ Martin, Pete and Eike, a.k.a Team Spockholm

Donate $??? - Any and all contributions are welcome.

Donate $10 - Pints o' Guinness. Used as code fuel and creativity hacking juice.

Donate $20 - Beer and Coffee, boost brain activity and creativity :)


We would like to give something back.

All donations: Golden Toolbar. The good feeling of helping us is a free bonus.
$10+: Early beta access to new scripts.
$20+: Early beta access. Deluxe features, like backup to our servers.

Spockholm Beer Fund

Send us a pint every month, keep us hydrated...

Spockholm Beer Fund
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How to get your Golden Toolbar password?

After making a donation, go to this site to activate your account http://spockon.me/tb/

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