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Into the sunset, and beyond 2016-04-09

Mafia Wars will be shutting down on June 6th 2016.

Good things may come to a end. The day we have been dreaded is here, Zynga announced the sundown of Mafia Wars.

We would like to thank all of our fans for the fun times we have had.
A special thank you to everyone that has supported us with coffee/pints/feedback and support.

Super special thank you to Jennifer, the Mafia Wars Loot Lady.
Without her we would never have gotten to where we are.

Mafia Wars spocklets will continue to be avalible until the game shuts down.

Work has begun on making a memorial page+spocklet to snapshot your account.
Stay tuned for updates on the fan page.

If you want to follow us on a new journey, we will be making tools for Mob Wars too, slow at first and more focused after the Mafia Wars memorial is done.


Here is a link to donate one last pint, for the road.

Spock On into the Sunset, and beyond!

/Team Spockholm - Martin, Pete, Eike and Brandon



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