Spockholm Mafia Tools

Firefox install requires Greasemonkey, then click the toolbar image to install. Mafia Wars LootLady guide.
Click here to install the Spockholm Toolbar
Chrome Installation, use chrome web store Spockholm Toolbar install.

Beta Test Bookmarklets

This section is for bookmarklets that are changed often and might become unstable. More stable releases can be found on the stable bookmarklet page.

Assassin-a-Nator First public beta release of the new fighting spocklet!
There can be bugs and glitches, check the FAQ.
Assassin-a-Nator (backup) Backup server for the Assassin-a-Nator spocklet.
Spockholm Item Analyzer New bookmarklet that will analyze your inventory. For the new inventory layout only.
Do not rely on the stats 100%, always verify manually before gifting away items.
Inventory Groups Quickly get a view on how many loot you have of grouped items, like FHEL5, Warlord tiers etc. Guide at MW Loot Lady

Assassin NPC Small fight script to deal with NPCs for missions. Use on the fight page.
Defendor! Adding items to defend family properties, made easy. Suggests upgrades too! Defendor! - Of Properties
Gift Blaster Send gifts to your entire mafia or family. Gifts for everyone!
Gift Collector After blasting your mafia with gifts, collect what you need with this. Replacing ZMC Agent.
ZMC Agent Zynga Message Center Agent, handles gift accepting in the Message Center. Pick items to open/ignore or keep.
Heinz-a-Nator Simple experimental spocklet to play Mafia Poker.
Cookie-a-Nator Running out of DOM Storage, check what is being saved with this spocklet.
Backup-a-Nator Make backup of your script settings.
Gift-a-Nator Very early version of a gift sending script. Auto updating with giftable loot.
Stream Scanner Scan your news feed for Mafia Wars related posts and groups them for easier overview.
Inventory History Saves snapshots of your inventory and compares them.
Mafia Manager Scans your mafia and gives you a sortable overview. Can compare changes between snapshots.
Stats History Takes snapshots of your stats, then displays changes in a graph.
Family Manager Scans your mafia family and gives you a sortable overview. Can compare changes between snapshots. Loot Lady guide
Family Boss Fighter Fight Jeff, send boosts, ask for boosts, save click monkeys.

Operation War Hunter Stream Helper crossed with War Hunter, scans your news-feed for wars and operations (former missions). Then checks if they are active or not.
Robber Beta Use on Robbery page (unframed). Bookmarklet will repeat the robbing and log statistics.
Can also be used on profile rob pages, but does not repeat there.
Robber BG Beta New Robbing bookmarklet, does not need to be run on the Rob page.

RepeatJob Beta (Loader) One bookmarklet to rule them all! Use this bookmarklet in any city and correct RepeatJob Beta will be loaded for you. Note that this loader is not auto updating, if things change (like a new city is added) you need to reinstall it manually.
RepeatJob Beta Do a job once, let Repeat Job save you clicking if you want to do it more times.
RepeatJob Brazil/Chicago Beta RepeatJob for Brazil and Chicago.
RepeatJob Redux Beta RepeatJob for Las Vegas and Italy combined into one.
RepeatJob Atlantic Beta Simple clicker for Atlantic City. Do a job once, launch bookmarklet and it will keep clicking the Do Job button until 100% mastery.

Property Manager Takes care of all your Property actions. Crafting, collecting, part begging, upgrading.
Property Manager Lite Simplified version of Property Manager, only does crafting and collecting.
Property Collector Small Spocklet that collects and banks from your properties.
Crafty Lil' Helper Bookmarklet to build items in Chop Shop, Weapons Depot and Armory.
Buy Properties Beta Use on your New York properties page. Then enter your wanted level of properties and press Start.

Operation-a-Nator Beta Bookmarklet that creates a list of your Mafia operations, so you can share with friends in forums and groups. Use on Operations pages..
The active page will be loaded, switch to next page and press Load Missions.
Clicking the Make TinyURL link will create a TinyURL and store in cookie for re-usage.
Checklist Beta Daily Checklist, help keep track on timers for events. Made by Eike.
If you run into trouble, please read here before asking for help or posting a bug report.
The MW Loot Lady has also written a guide about this new bookmarklet, make sure to read that too.
Tournament-o-Matic Saves your click finger when doing Tournaments in Las Vegas. Made by Eike.
Re-Vaulter Do you have a lot of collections to revault? Use this bookmarklet and it will repeat the process for you.
Use on your Collections & Vault page after selecting city.
Brutus Helper Beta Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one bookmarklet. Slow and brute but works.
Works best if run on any other page than the Gift page. Note that you can only help FB friends, so using the internal list on Gift page may be inaccurate.
List FB friends Use this bookmarklet to retrieve lists of your FB friends, can filter out MW playing and non-MW playing.
The first automatic load is all MW playing FB friends.

Stream Helper Beta This bookmarklet will scan your facebook feed for Mafia Wars related information.
It does not work for everyone, you might need to but some work into it. There are some brief instructions on the Mafia-Tools blog.
If you are unable to get it working, fiddle around with the settings before asking for help.
Use Stream Scanner instead, SH is outdated.
AttackX Beta Repeat attacks on your current target. Works from MW profile pages and fight result screens.
Assassin-a-Nator has replaced AttackX.
AttackX Beta (Loader) AttackX with loading from a backup server. You need to reinstall this bookmarklet manually if the loader changes.
Top Attack and Defense Use it on your Loot page (unframed). Bookmarklet will show info about your top 501 Attack and Defense items.
For the old layout only. If you have the new interface use the Spockholm Item Analyzer instead.
Operation Highlight Use this bookmarklet when viewing your news feed. It will highlight the operations and put names to them.
War Hunter Beta Search your friends for active wars to help out in. Use Operation War Hunter instead.
RepeatJob Vegas Beta RepeatJob for Las Vegas and Vegas only.
RepeatJob Italy Beta RepeatJob for Italy, early development release. Expect bugs and glitches.
Operation Link (local) Use on your My Mafia Operations (NOT My Operations) page to get the operation link. Lightweight version of Mission-a-Nator. (Made by: E.M.)
Collect Boosts Beta Scans your mafia for level up and iced bonuses. Mutt, Hot Coffee and Extra Pair of Eyes. Use with List FB Friends for faster runs.
Use Brutus Helper instead, it is Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one.
Job Helper Beta Similar to Collect Boosts, but this scans for jobs to help with.
Use Brutus Helper instead, it is Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one.


Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete's bookmarklets are now found in the external bookmarklet section.

Why beta bookmarklets?

Having beta versions of bookmarklets help with testing new features. Instead of testing for a closed group the large crowd can try out new features and leave feedback. Also if something changes in the bookmarklet and it stops working for some, stable releases are usually not affected. Think of beta versions as a work in progress, stable as something finished for now.

This page is not affiliated with Facebook, Zynga or the game Mafia Wars on Facebook. Bookmarklets are used at your own risk.