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There are a lot of bookmarklet writers out there, check them out.

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Josh Miller's Bookmarklets - Home of the JGrabAllGifts. Awesome bookmarklet for gift grabbing.
Miller Marklets - Josh Miller's Facebook fan page.

Vern's Mafia Wars Tools - Vern is one of the original bookmarklet writers for MW. Inactive.
Vern's MW Tools - Fan page at Facebook.

Outpost Tools (Arun's Tools) - Creator of Chucker. Excellent gift bookmarklet. Used ingame unlike the Gift Linker.
Arun's Mafia Helpers - Support forum for Outpost Tools (Arun's) bookmarklets.

Arch-Angel Nemesis - Bookmarklets by Arch-Angel Nemesis.
Fan Page for the Angel bookmarklets.

Joyka's Bookmarklets - ExpEnergy 3.0, it is awesome and a must have. Based on our old ExpEnergy.

Scruffy's Mafia Tools - Has a lot of modded bookmarklets.

Blofelds Item Analyzer - No longer updated.

EZ Knight's MafiaWars Tools - ROI, Return on Investment was a great bookmarklet for properties. Not updated for the new iframe.
Bobby Heartrate's Mafia Tools - The original bookmarklet writer. Retired.
Daniel's MW Tools - Download Mafia, a must have to manage your mafia.

Hints and Tips

MW Loot Lady - Tips and guides on using bookmarklets and general gameplay info. Post on Unframe-MW.
The Informant Podcast - Podcast with info about Mafia Wars, featuring MW Lootlady, Pistol Pete from Spockholm and more awesome people.
Informant Podcast Fan Page - Facebook Fan page for The Informant Podcast.
My site was nominated for Best Podcast!
Mafia Wars Wiki - Great place for information about the game. For free!
TopMafia Info Facebook fan page for the TopMafia Info.
Mafia Controlled - Tips and reviews on bookmarklets and the game.
Mafia-Tools blog - Spockholm's blog.
Tagliano's Tips - Video tutorials, Top Mafia charts and more.

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