Spockholm Mafia Tools

General tips

Need help with bookmarklets? This is the place to be.

  • Firefox and Chrome work best with these bookmarklets. They are the officially supported browsers.
    Test the bookmarklet in a different browser if one is not working.
  • If stable is not working, test the beta version if one is avalible.
  • Local versions need to be reinstalled manually to update.
  • Test different settings, something might have changed in the game, breaking one feature but not all.
  • If you are using a live bookmarklet, the webserver must be alive.
  • Unframing is needed for most bookmarklets.
    You can quickly unframe via this url http://spockon.me/u or by "Right-click Home link - Open in new tab".
  • Have you tried reloading the game and/or your browser?
  • Don't panic!

Submitting a bug report

In order for us to help you, we need some information on the problem.

  • To understand why we want information, read this.
  • What bookmarklet are you trying to use?
    This will get us on the right track to begin with.
  • Description of the problem
    "Not working" is not a description, use more words.
  • Information on how to replicate the problem
    This is a very important part, skipping this will only slow things down.
    Information on browser, what page you ran the bookmarklet on, settings used.
    More details help to narrow things down and give accurate support.
  • What you expected to happen?
    Knowing what you want will help us.
  • What actually happened?
    Was there any error reported?

Put all this information in a new topic in the discussion board, use a descriptive name so it can be easily tracked.
Be sure to look at the first few pages to see if anyone else has a similar problem.

We also have a Support Forum, use the search function.

While waiting read this article to understand the process of reporting problems.
Remember we do this on our spare time, it could take a few hours for us to answer you.
While waiting test different settings, perhaps you can find the bug yourself and report it to us?
If you find the solution yourself, share it so others can be helped too.


Get in contact with Team Spockholm

There are a few ways you can get in contact with Team Spockholm.
The primary channel is the Facebook fan page. Check the wall for recent updates.
Our Discussion board may contain an active topic on the bookmarklet.
There is also a Support Forum available, where you can get help by others, post ideas and vote on other's ideas.
Maybe someone else has the same problem, look at the first few pages before starting a new thread.
Reporting problems in comments to wall posts is not recommended, they tend to get lost in the noise.
Using descriptive topics like "RepeatJob Beta v1.11 stalls after 5 jobs" will help others to find the answer.

Third party Toolbars

The official recommendation is to NOT use any third party toolbar for getting bookmarklets.
Go to the source and install the ones you want instead. Take control of your own browser.


Most (not all) bookmarklets are released under GNU general license. Source code can be found by viewing the url loaded in the live bookmarklets.
This license basically means you can copy, modify and redistribute the code freely, as long as you make the source availible and keep the license terms from the original.
It would also be nice if you linked back to the original page and made us aware of your mod.

This page is not affiliated with Facebook, Zynga or the game Mafia Wars on Facebook. Bookmarklets are used at your own risk.