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Bookmarklets maintained by other people. Pistol Pete is part of Team Spockholm.

Pistol Pete's bookmarklets (Pete is part of Team Spockholm)

Marketplace Fight Club Buyer Unframe the game, go to the Fight Club page in Marketplace. Launch bookmarklet. Select item to buy and how many. Sit back and relax.
Bagman Mugger This bookmarklet will look for Mystery Bag links in your friends profile pages, then collect them.
Originally written by Hiep and modified by Pistol Pete to scan FB. Read more in the FB discussion thread.
If you wish to verify the timetamp on links, use BagStamp from the Experimental page on a FB profile page.
Link-a-Nator Generate links for other free gifts, like the Bagman Mugger does for Mystery Bags. For use with the Bagman Mugger.
Note that you can only receive one item per friend, think of this when putting multiple links in your quotes section.
Link-a-Nator (backup) Backup server located Link-a-Nator.
Free Gift Get-A-Nator Search your friend's wall posts for Link-a-Nator links. MW Loot Lady has written a guide for it.
Loose Slots Bookmarklet that searches your friends Las Vegas Casinos for slots to play. If it isn't working, try reloading the game.
Stat-a-Nator Want to know how you are doing on achievements? This bookmarklet will tell you. Unframe the game and run anywhere. MW Loot Lady review.
Cement Shoe Sizer This will load the FB IDs, Names, and Last Profile Update (older than 3 months) for those Family without a Mugger link in Favorite Quotes.
Cleaner Use on a FB profile page to remove the friend with just one click.
FB Manager (local) New tool for managing FB friends, highly experimental. Local version that needs to be reinstalled to get updates.
Remove FB Friends (local) For Chrome/Firefox users, makes a static copy of the latest version.
Remove FB Friends v1.17 (local) For Chrome/Firefox users. Older version v1.17 which is known to work with Firefox. If the others fail use this instead.
Get Your Loot Will look for MW requests on your Facebook newsfeed. Specifically the text "Get your loot" and collect them.
Holiday Repeater Script that repeats the special Holiday jobs. Names could be wrong but still pick the 5 minute, 8 hour or 24 hour jobs.
Skill Point Assassin Need to apply skill points? This tool will do it. Use it on your profile page.
Quick Healer Autoheal when you reach 25% health. Will heal in your active city.
Family Ferret Scan your mafia and get their stats.
People Picker Gifting friends made easier, read more here. This bookmarklet does the same as the Gift Friends page.
SafehouseCracker Use to open up Safehouse gifts. Can be launched anywhere. Use experimental Crime Spree Opener instead.
Chip Exchange (local) A bookmarklet that will repeatedly exchange the rack of chips in Vegas.
A local version, you need to reinstall for updates. Outdated, Zynga implemented this into the game.
Business Helper Beta - Mod Beta version of Business Helper, updated more often than the non beta version. Use Crafty Lil' Helper and Business Collector instead.
Business Helper - Mod Based on Yevgen's work. Use Crafty Lil' Helper and Business Collector instead.
Fight Club Buyer (alt) Alternative layout to the Fight Club Buyer, try this if the above moves out of screen. Mod by The Reservoir Dogs

mafiacontrolled.com mini-marklets

Link Profile Make game profile images links to Facebook profiles.

GuessX (retired)

GWall Deluxe Sort links on fan pages, forums, discussion boards etc.
Development on this bookmarklet is idle right now.
If you want updates on it, check out IceTools

Dirty Martini Scripts (no longer updated)

Get Facebook ID Get a Facebook ID (Dirty Martini script)
Promote Promote to Top Mafia (Dirty Martini script)
Remove Mafia This script will REMOVE the people you enter in the list. Use Mafia Manager instead.
Remove Non-Friends Remove non-friends used with List FB friends (Dirty Martini script). Use on unframed Mafia Wars. Use Mafia Manager instead.

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