Spockholm Mafia Tools

Experimental Bookmarklets

Not well working and special bookmarklets. May break down at any time and not be fixed instantly.

Gift Clicker For easier sending of the Free Gifts to 50 friends. Use when looking at the Friend Selector screen (green/red + buttons)
Get Gift Links Lists all ZMC gifts, so you can export and save them for later use. If you do not understand what to do with them, it is probably not for you :)
New York Boss Fighter Fight New York Bosses, any action besides fighting the boss may render a loss. That includes opening the game in other tab. So don't :)
Like a Boss! New bookmarklet to deal with boss fights. Not tested on Italy/Vegas bosses. Works great on Mission bosses.
New Like a Boss! Fights the new type of bosses. Has combo buttons for the known combination attacks.
Inventory Dumper Reads the game database for items and dump to a popup window. Useful for finding Item ids and more.
ZMC Agent Zynga Message Center Agent, handles gift accepting in the Message Center. Pick items to open/ignore or keep.

Family Friends Use on unframed family page, will give a list of the members and show if you are friends or not. For easier FB friend adding.
Family ID Use on unframed family page to get the numerical id of that family. For use in Assassin-a-Nator filter.
Family Exp Use on unframed family page. Will give you a popup with info on current Family progress. Read more here.
Family Info Run on your unframed Family page.

Remove Pending Mafia Run it on (View recently sent requests) page to remove idle requests. So you can send the join mafia requests again.
Player Updates Watch the player updates as a live feed.
Crime Spree Opener Use this little gem on the Crime Spree page to open requests without click-monkey business.
Cracked da Safe? Gives count of how many times you have completed the Crack the Safe. With item stats.
Days Played Small spocklet that gives your consecutive days doing jobs. Addiction checker.
Mission Crew Link Creates Mission Crew links and Brazil Crew links, Link-a-Nator does this too.
Show Worst Items Mini-spocklet that displays a hidden popup. The popup contains information about your lowest attack/defense values for items.
MiniPack Get the random boost without installing the Zynga Toolbar in your browser. Bookmarklet will open up three new windows that emulate the toolbar. If you see a Login with Facebook button you need to click this.
You need to have the Zynga Game Bar Facebook application installed for this to work.
Vegas Calc A simple exp/stamina/energy calculator for Vegas, run it once on any Vegas job page and it will add ratios.
Ratios by exp is exp/energy or exp/stamina depending on the job. Same goes for the cash reward. Works in Italy too.
Zynga Time Want to know what time it is over at Zynga HQ? Here is the bookmarklet for that.
Operation Click (local) Unframe the game using Unframe-MW. Go to the "My Mafia Operations" page under Operations. Launch bookmarklet.
BagStamp (local) Use on a FB profile page to get timestamp information for the Mystery bag link.
Collection List (local) List your collection inventory and what items you are missing. Use on Collections & Vault page.
Very first release, a bit rough around the edges still. Only lists one city at a time.
Pulse Similar to Ice Check, but works on unframed fight list pages. Tags targets with ALIVE! or Iced. Firefox/Chrome only.
Ice Check Use on a unframed MW profile page to check if the target is iced or not.
Idle MW Request / Cleaner When used on the Sent Requests page (MW Invites), it will display a link to FB profiles. But only if there is a image loaded.
If you use it on a FB profile page, it will unfriend that user.
Friend Count (local) Test script that checks how many FB friends you have. If run on gift page it will check how many MW playing friends you have.
Secret key (local) Run on gift page or friends MW profile page to see if it can find the secret key. The key is used for gifting with the Mafia Gift Linker.
ProfileMafia (local) Use on any unframed Mafia Wars profile page. Pop shows Top Mafia bonuses they give.
List Achievements Helper bookmarklet, use on your unframed Achievements page. A popup will list the Id and Name of achievements.
Give this list to Spockholm if he asks for it. It is supposed to help with the "Unknown" achievements in Stream Helper.

Event Scanner Scans your news feed for all Mafia Wars related posts and groups them for easier overview. Use Stream Scanner instead.
MafiaLog (local) Bookmarklet that will give some stats of your log window. Like experience gained from winning attacks or money lost.
Daily Reward Collector Loads a history of Fan Blast daily reward links, not yet automated. April Fools Joke 2011
Boss Fighter Special Use Like a Boss instead. First release of a bookmarklet that will attack special event bosses (not Vegas/Italy) and heal, expect bugs and crashes. Select a boss to fight and launch the bookmarklet. To stop the bookmarklet you need to finish the boss/run away/get crushed. Then click Boss-Fighter above your health. Or just reload the page/close the tab. Just like Quick Healer.
Boss Fighter Italy Experimental version of a bookmarklet that fights Italy bosses and heals in New York.
Start fighting a Italy boss, launch bookmarklet, hope it works (remember it is experimental). Use Like a Boss instead.
Boss Fighter Vegas Like the Italy Boss Fighter, but for Vegas. Use Like a Boss instead.
Boss Fighter Moscow Bookmarklet to finish the Rumble in Moscow fights. It will heal in the same city you start the fight. Use Like a Boss instead.
Q: Why so many different versions?
A: Divide and conquer is faster than one-size-fits-all.
Armory Robber Does not work very well, no support is given if you are having trouble with it.
RJ Vegas Experimental Use Beta version instead! Experimental release of a RepeatJob Vegas that can get consumables needed. Expect crashes and bugs.
Loot Inventory (local) Makes a short inventory list of your loot. Use it on your Loot page.
Operation ID (local) Zynga added this feature to the game, no need for a bookmarklet any longer.
Use this bookmarklet on your Missions page, it will try to add the FBid of everyone involved. So you can clean out idle players.
Busines Helper/Builder Lucky Martin mod on the Pistol Pete mod of the Business Helper. Banking works so-so. Can build Car/Weapon/Armor and collect businesses.
BagOpener After using a bookmarklet like JGrabAllGifts there can be a lot of Mystery bags to open, open them up easier with this bookmarklet.
Use it on a unframed front page (Home) in MW. Bookmarklet will open bags every 10 seconds. If no bags are found, the front page is reloaded and checked for new bags after 15 seconds.
It is highly recommended to disable flash before using this bookmarklet, the page reloads are heavy and can crash your browser.
Probably obsolete, Zynga changed the game. Bags are opened instantly now.
Accept Gifts Test bookmarklet to bulk accept gifts. Defaulted to 5 seconds between openings.
Use it on a unframed (unframing is built in) front page in MW. Atleast one gift should be visible with "Accept Gift" button.
Visit your Inventory page, then the sub pages Loot and Gifts. That should open up all your pending gifts.

This page is not affiliated with Facebook, Zynga or the game Mafia Wars on Facebook. Bookmarklets are used at your own risk.