Spockholm Mafia Tools

Firefox install requires Greasemonkey, then click the toolbar image to install. Mafia Wars LootLady guide.
Click here to install the Spockholm Toolbar
Chrome Installation, use chrome web store Spockholm Toolbar install.

Mafia Wars Bookmarklets

Install bookmarklets by drag and dropping to your bookmark toolbar. Most bookmarklets are auto-updating. (Local) you must update manually.

Unframe-MW To properly unframe the game, a small fix is needed, read more about that in the spockholm forum.
Used to Unframe the Mafia Wars game, this is needed for most bookmarklets.
Click once to unframe, then click again to add scrollbars.
Bookmarklet can also hide the Reload Revolver.
Screen shrinks after unframing in Firefox?
Tools | Options | Content | Advanced Javascript | Untick "Move or Resize existing windows".
Unframe-MW (local) Local version of the Unframe-MW script. You must reinstall manually to get latest update.
Unframe-MW noPop Unframe-MW but without the popup fixing. You will not be able to open the ingame popups when using this one.
Assassin-a-Nator (old) Older version of Assassin-a-Nator, currently v0.30. Will not have all features the beta version does.
Robber Stable release of Robber, can lack some found in the beta version.
Use on Robbery page (unframed). Bookmarklet will repeat the robbing and log statistics.
Can also be used on profile rob pages, but does not repeat there.
No longer updated, use Robber BG instead.
RepeatJob Do a job once, use this bookmarklet to repeat the job. Beta version avalible.
Stream Helper (old) Older version of SH, will be missing the latest features. Try this if the beta version is giving you grief.Use Beta version instead.
Collect Boosts Scan your mafia for boosts. Beta version avalible.
Use Brutus Helper instead, it is Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one.
Job Helper Scan your mafia for jobs to help on. Beta version avalible.
Use Brutus Helper instead, it is Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one.
Spammer Hunt Loads a random profile from the Spammer Wall of Shame list. Great with AttackX.
Switch Switches from MW profiles (unframed) to Facebook profiles, works from FB to MW aswell.
Switch (local) Local version of the Switch script. You need to reinstall manually to update.
TopMafia Run on a My Mafia page and get the topmafia bonuses highlighted.
TopMafia (local) Local version of the TopMafia script. You need to reinstall manually to update.
AttackX Keep attacking your current target, with healing and other features. Beta version avalible.
Use after attacking someone once or on their MW profile page.
GF Point Collector Collect loads of godfather points by checking old fan boost links.
This bookmarklet was a April Fools Day joke.
Scroll-MW Outdated bookmarklet, merged with Unframe-MW.

Gifting Bookmarklets

The MafiaGift and RepeatGift bookmarklets have moved to their own gift help page.


Some of these bookmarklets are based on others work. Check out the links for more sources.

This page is not affiliated with Facebook, Zynga or the game Mafia Wars on Facebook. Bookmarklets are used at your own risk.